Perú, heart of the Inka culture, has presented us with a priceless gift: the musical group WAYANAY INKA. Founded July 4, 1984 in Lima, WAYANAY INKA has established a firm international reputation for being among the finest ambassadors of Andean music. The group states its mission, purpose and intent thus:

Our intention is to express through our song, not only the customs, ways of life, and images of the Andean culture, but also to reflect fully the people who inhabit these lands, sometimes full of pain and sorrow, yet always with their hearts full of hope. Experience has shown that the music of a people reflects their innermost being; and this is why we feel compelled to allow our songs, with their poetry, to become merged with our people's historical journey.
Through remarkable talent, intense practice, intimate knowledge of their culture, and, above all, passionate drive, WAYANAY INKA fills theaters and arenas internationally while preserving down-to-earth humility and love for human contact at the personal level.

 Wayanay Inka

 Wayanay Inka

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